Bearfoot in Banff | A Year Living in Banff National Park

A video recapping one year spent filming and photographing in Banff National Park. I was based in Lake Louise and travelling to Banff, Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Jasper, Kooteny, Yoho and the surrounding areas of Banff National Park. 

Ten Thousand Hours

The "Ten Thousand Hour Rule" states that to truly master a craft you must put in 10,000 hours of practice. This video was taken throughout a 6 month road trip in 20 states and provinces, with over 30,000km drove on my journey to reach 10,000 hours in the field of photography.
30,000km. 20 states. 6 months. 10,000 Hours. 

HiiTBox Gym

A promotional video created for HiiTBox Gym in Vaughan, ON.

How to Cook the Perfect Steak

An informational video starring Chef Peter Costello cooking the "Perfect Steak" using the Inferno Infrared Grill by NorthFire.

What is Eggpreneur?

Matt Dickinson, founder of Eggpreneur, speaks about the social initiative he founded that is helping women in rural Kenya create sustainable businesses by raising and selling chickens. 

Inferno GO POP Display

Meant for a screen hooked up to a POP display, this video demonstrates how to cook on the Inferno GO Infrared Grill. This video will be featured in hundreds of Canadian Tire stores across the country in 2019.

Glendale Lounger Features & Benefits

One of many Features & Benefits videos created for Vivere Ltd. products. This video is showing off the selling features of the Glendale Lounger. These videos are displayed on and listings to give customers a better understanding of the product they are looking at purchasing.

NorthFire Feasts - Salmon

How to Cook Honey Dijon Salmon on the Inferno Infrared Grill. NorthFire Feasts is a series of videos used to teach potential customers the different types of food that can be cooked on the Inferno, while sharing recipes and tips to people who might have already purchased the unit. 

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